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Chunk Tracker#

The chunk tracker in yuyo.chunk_tracker dispatches custom chunk request tracking events. This can be a useful way to work out when the cache will be reliable for a guild or globally (when combined with checking the intent and cache config).


While this is easy to setup, there are some things you need to account for. This will only track chunk requests (including startup chunk requests) as long if have a set nonce (luckily Hikari's startup requests include nonces). ChunkTracker.request_guild_members ensures that a nonce is always set.

The chunk tracker can be configured to automatically send chunk requests (with nonces) on guild join itself using ChunkTracker.set_auto_chunk_members. This can be useful if you need auto chunking in scenarios where it otherwise would be disabled (e.g. when using a separate async cache instead of Hikari's builtin cache).


Chunk Request Finished Event#

ChunkRequestFinishedEvent is dispatched when a specific chunk request has finished.

async def on_chunk_request_finished(event: yuyo.chunk_tracker.ChunkRequestFinishedEvent) -> None:
    event.shard  # type: hikari.api.GatewayShard
    event.chunk_count  # type: int
    event.first_received_at  # type: datetime.datetime
    event.guild_id  # type: hikari.Snowflake
    event.last_received_at  # type: datetime.datetime
    event.missed_chunks  # type:[int]
    event.not_found_ids  # type:[hikari.Snowflake]

This is only dispatch for chunk requests where a nonce has been set.

Finished Chunking Event#

FinishedChunkingEvent is dispatched when the startup chunking has finished for the bot to indicate that the member and presence caches should be complete (if enabled).

async def on_finished_chunking(event: yuyo.chunk_tracker.FinishedChunkingEvent) -> None:

This is only dispatched once per-bot lifetime.

Shard Finished Chunking Event#

ShardFinishedChunkingEvent is dispatched when the startup chunking has finished for a specific shard to indicate that the member and presence caches should be complete for the guilds covered by this shard.

async def on_shard_finished_chunking(event: yuyo.chunk_tracker.ShardFinishedChunkingEvent) -> None:
    event.shard  # type: hikari.api.GatewayShard
    event.incomplete_guild_ids  #[hikari.Snowflake]
    event.missed_guild_ids  #[hikari.Snowflake]