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A collection of utility classes and functions designed to expand Hikari.


You can install yuyo from PyPI using the following command.

python -m pip install -U hikari-yuyo

The following feature flags ensure feature-specific optional dependencies are also installed:

  • hikari-yuyo[asgi] ensures the dependencies required to run the Asgi RESTBot adapter.
  • hikari-yuyo[sake] can be used to ensure the installed Sake version is compatible with Yuyo's functionality which uses Sake. You should still have a Sake version pinned in your own requirements as this just provides an accepted range for the dependency.
  • hikari-yuyo[tanjun] can be used to ensure the installed Tanjun version is compatible with Yuyo's Tanjun support (i.e. the from_tanjun) class methods.

Quick Usage.#

For usage see the the documentation and, more specifically, the usage guide.


Hikari's support guild provides for support for Yuyo.


Before contributing you should read through the contributing guidelines and the code of conduct.